Jan Breughel the elder

Dimensions: 125, x 17,5 cm
Frame: yes  

Jan Brueghel the Elder was one of the most prominent and successful Flemish artists in the period around 1600. An innovative and creative thinker, Jan Brueghel the Elder modernised Netherlandish landscape art. In doing so, he capitalised on the work of his father, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, above all his drawings, later paintings and prints. Pieter Bruegel de Oude had laid the foundations of entirely new artistic forms - landscape and genre scenes - that became increasingly important in the centuries that followed. The exhibition will be made up of six parts that explore Jan Brueghel the Elder's main artistic interests. Memories of his time in Italy, river and village views, roads and travellers, forests, sea and coastal scenes will appear in roughly chronological sequences. It will also be seen how Jan's landscapes become lifelike and animated through his figures, which while not the focus of his artistic production, are clearly much more than mere embellishment. The show will end on a lively note with a number of Jan's well-known drawings of animals and fruits, together with related paintings.

5 000,00 €