Jan Jakub Stevens from Steinfels

Dimensions: 17,5 x 11 cm
Frame: yes  

Jan Jakub Stevens from Steinfels (1651-1730) was a Czech Baroque painter of Flemish origin. Jan Jakub came from the Dutch painting family Stevens. His grandfather Pieter Stevens was appointed court painter to Emperor Rudolph II in 1594. in Prague. His father, Antonín Stevens, was elevated to nobility in 1643 with the predicate of Steinfels/von Steinfels. Jan Jakub has been known as a fresco painter since 1688. At first, he apparently stayed in Italy, where he was supposed to have been inspired by the works of Pietro from Cortona and Giovanni Lanfranco. He created most of his works in the 1790s. His later paintings were no longer so valuable. Towards the end of his life he no longer painted. From 1725 he lived as a wealthy councilor in his Prague house until his death on November 4, 1730.

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